Renting out your property

Are you going abroad temporarily or did you put your house on the market and you already purchased another house? Or do you have a second house or investment property? And is this why you wish to rent out your house? Then you need to consider the Dutch rental law: the principal goal of this legislation is to protect the tenant against eviction by the lessor. According to the law and regulations, it is not possible to rent out your house temporarily but there are some exceptions.

Waltmann Expat Broker is a specialist in the field of private rental properties and has expert knowledge of the prevailing law and regulations. Renting out your property with the assistance of Waltmann Expat Broker ensures that you have little to worry about.

Why rent out your property via Waltmann Expat Broker

  • Expert knowledge of the law and regulations
  • Professional presentation package (digital photos, floorplans, advertising text, etc.)
  • Presentation via,, and
  • Screening of prospective tenants and scheduling viewings
  • Drafting and signing the rental contract
  • Advice on risks, liability, and insurance through our partner De Hypotheekshop Utrecht- De Meern